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Our mission is to bring specialty tea back into vogue; to make tea cool again. We dream of connecting people over the love of a good brew, and working together to build an exciting and accessible modern tea experience for everyone.

Endeavour Tea began in early 2016 in Sydney, Australia. It is an ongoing passion project for Jasmin Wong and Matthew Petrucci, a couple of tea lovers who bring together their disciplines in the design and culinary spheres.

We curate and directly source teas, from the everyday to the exceptional, with an emphasis on character, value, and integrity. By providing the ingredients, knowledge and equipment, we’re passionate about helping you rediscover and get the most out of your investment in tea.

A third wave of tea culture is igniting the beverage scene around the world. Like never before, bars, concept stores, cafes and fine dining restaurants are embracing specialty tea across North America, Japan and South East Asia.

Back home, Australia is a pioneer for specialty coffee, craft beer and wine. Despite its exciting diversity and potential, specialty tea is underrepresented on our local shores. Through sourcing, education and advocacy, we hope to change that.

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All of our specialty teas, blends and tisanes undergo a detailed cupping and tasting process. From there, we decide on which products we love the most, and write a detailed profile of each to help make your purchasing decision easier.

It goes without saying that tea is best enjoyed fresh. That's why we purchase tea directly in small volume, with consignments arriving throughout the year.

Among our sources are boutique family-owned and operated estates, as well as larger plantations accredited with Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, UTZ and/or organic equivalent certification.

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Tea is often cited as the world's second most consumed beverage, after water. Despite the prevalence of the humble leaf, there's much we can do to improve tea literacy among seasoned and new drinkers alike.

Our workshops offer something for everyone, from the enthusiast through to the industry professional, including focussed, hands-on sessions covering profile of origin, brewing techniques, tea blending and more.

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Purchasing quality tea is only half the journey. Getting the most out of your brew requires having access to the right tools and equipment, whether that takes the form of a workhorse teapot right through to a specialised whisk.

We not only supply tea accessories, but provide you with all the information and guides on how to make the most of them.

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Jasmin and Matthew.  Photo by  Lean Timms .

Jasmin and Matthew. Photo by Lean Timms.

Intern Ari, aged 18 months

Intern Ari, aged 18 months

Jasmin Wong

Creative Chief & Co-founder

Jasmin is a designer and art director with a love for fine aesthetic, simplicity and well-prepared tea. Passionate and arguably quite versatile, her background in user experience and interface design is wonderfully realised in Endeavour Tea’s packaging and printed collateral. 

Jasmin is responsible for the visual design, photography and creative direction of Endeavour Tea.

Matthew Petrucci

Founder, educator and writer

Matthew is an avid urban gardener, qualified cook and lifelong tea lover. He has fond memories of the hearty food, home grown produce and piping hot tea being served at his grandmother's home, where the wellspring of inspiration from which a career in tea and fine food began.

Matthew is a Certified Tea Blender, Certified Tea Master and Tea Sommelier Trainer with Australian Tea Masters.

Intern Ari

Quality assurance

While not a tea drinker, Ari the border collie and intern is committed to ensuring all our packages are packed and sealed to her exceedingly high standards.

Although Ari doesn’t have to do much to look this good, her job is to remind us that we do.