How to brew tea on ice


Similar to cold brewing, the simple Japanese-style technique of kōridashi involves steeping fresh tea leaves in a vessel , piled with slowly melting ice cubes.

Ice brewing is best suited to tender, steamed green teas such as gyokuro, sencha, which readily produce a delicious sweet, grassy flavour without much bitterness or astringency. You might also experiment with roasted and blended green teas, such as genmaicha and hojicha. Try this on a warm summer's day.

You’ll need:


Measure 4-6g of tea into a kyusu, chawan or small ceramic bowl. You may add more or less tea, depending on your flavour preference.


Cover the tea with approximately four cubes, and leave at room temperature uncovered. Alternatively, place in a refrigerator (recommended).


Allow ice to completely melt. Strain and serve.


After your first infusion, you can re-brew the same leaves once or twice more with these suggestions

  • Simply pour 50ml of chilled water over the tea leaves, steep for 30 minutes and put into the refrigerator, covered. Strain and serve; or

  • Cover the leaves with 1 tsp of toasted mochi or brown rice, pour over boiling water, steep for 10-30 seconds, strain and serve.

  • In the interest of food safety, consider placing the brewing vessel in a refrigerator rather than at room temperature.

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