Chasen Takayama

Chasen Takayama


Each 100-tine chasen is the work of an artisan based in Takayama, Nara Prefecture, prepared using Japanese grown bamboo that is cured with the traditional aburanuki method. As a result, the chasen is not only highly resistant to breakage, but also extra flexible to help you effortlessly ‘mousse’ your matcha.

The aburanuki method is no longer as common as it used to be, owing to the high cost of production. The raw bamboo, once cleaned and sorted, is cured by ‘sweating’ over hot charcoal until much of the moisture seeps out and the inner sap is transformed into a tough, glue-like resin. Once the preliminary curing is finished, the bamboo reeds are stacked in a teepee-like shape and exposed to the elements for up to 3 months. Each piece is rotated to ensure even drying and colouring, and sometimes brought indoors to finish curing if inclement weather, such as dew and excessive rain, has left too much moisture intact.

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Care instructions

  • After use, clean your chasen under running cold water. Gently stroke any residual matcha off with your fingers. Do not use soaps or abrasive materials, or place it in a dishwasher.
  • If your chasen has developed mould or an unpleasant smell, soak it in boiling water for one minute and wipe dry.
  • Do not use downward force when whisking, as this can risk breaking the tines.