Custom blending for White Earth

We are proud to be the supplier of a range of custom-made blends prepared for the lovely Liz Anderson of White Earth, proprietor of a beautiful emporium of raw and natural products located in Huskisson, located within the South Coast region of New South Wales.

Our collaboration began with Liz sharing the names and a vision behind five each of her proposed functional blends, which include a rooibos blend, a yerba mate blend, a green tea blend and two herbal tisanes. These blends came to be known as Energy, Balance, Love, Passion and Renewal respectively. Through a series of e-mails and meetings, we worked together to brainstorm how these blends might be realised into a product which not only looks and tastes good, but effectively conveys the wellness philosophy of behind them.

What made this collaboration extra special was being allowed creative license with very few conditions to abide by. Rather than having a predefined recipe in mind, Liz was very happy for us to create draft blends using ingredients and proportions we had selected ourselves.


Before diving into the initial blending and cupping, we prepared a reverse brief for Liz outlining what we had discussed so far and how Endeavour would turn thoughts into action. This began with a rough sketch of blend represented by a short essay on which ingredients we proposed to use and how we feel they fit the brief. This meant writing about complementary flavour pairings we thought would work well together, as well as the functional or nutritional purposes of each proposed ingredient.

The task ahead of us at this point was to create blends that not only met the brief, but were on budget and meeting the highest standards of taste, appearance and function that we could achieve.

With the draft blends carefully prepared and organised, we sent the in-progress product to Liz, who delightedly shared them with friends and family for their review. Adjustments were made following this feedback and once the packaging design and direction was complete, the products were ready to market.

We highly recommend that you take the time to visit Huskisson for its relaxed beach vibes, fresh ocean air and of course, to check out White Earth. If you do, please say hi to Liz for us!

White Earth
58 Owen St
Huskisson, NSW 2540

Open Mon-Fri 9:30am – 4:30pm
Sat + Sun 9:30am – 5pm

Services we provided:

  • Custom blending consultation
  • Market trend advice
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Ongoing supply agreement
Endeavour Tea