Deluxe Matcha Kit

Deluxe Matcha Kit


The Deluxe Matcha Kit includes a Girl Nomad Ceramics chawan (tea bowl), a 40g canette of matcha, a chashaku (tea scoop) and a chasen (tea whisk). Being the perfect package for the beginner and enthusiast alike, it makes for a thoughtful gift or a quality set for your own teaware collection.

Chawan glaze:
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Chasen Takayama

The 100-tine chasen in this kit is a hand-made whisk, the work of artisans based in Takayama, Nara Prefecture. The material is prepared using Japanese grown bamboo that is cured with the traditional aburanuki method. As a result, the chasen is not only highly resistant to breakage, but also strong and extra flexible to help you effortlessly ‘mousse’ your matcha.

Crafted in Japan.


Chashaku, or tea scoop, is an essential utensil for measuring matcha from the canister to the bowl. Its scooped design is precisely cut to ensure you receive an accurate serving every time. The chashaku can neatly collect between 1.5 to 1.7g of matcha at a time, the perfect amount for a single serving. The flattened side is effective at passing the powder through a fine sieve when used with a gentle scraping action.

Crafted in Japan.

Matcha Kotobuki

Organic ceremonial grade green tea. It is produced from the highest quality spring Tencha, from tea bushes located along the Kirishima volcanic mountain range in Kagoshima, Japan. The bushes are shaded for 20 days prior to harvest to enhance the colour and mellowness of flavour. Net weight 40g.

JAS and USDA certified organic tea of the highest quality from Japan.


Chawan, or tea bowl, is a traditional ceramic teaware. An artifact of old world China, the humble chawan spread to other East Asian nations in the early modern centuries, notably to nearby Japan and Korea. It is used for preparing and serving tea, particularly whisked suspensions of matcha and other powdered teas.

Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 8cm

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