Genmaicha Yamabuki

Genmaicha Yamabuki

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Second flush, single origin Sencha tea with Hokkaido rice

Genmaicha Yamabuki, also affectionately known as a “brown rice tea”, produces a golden liquor that is robust and inviting. This blend marries organic second-flush Kagoshima sencha tea leaves with toasted rice from Hokkaido in equal proportion.

Comforting and delicious with its popcorn-like aroma and savoury-sweet profile, this tea is easy to prepare and makes for an excellent everyday brew, or a welcoming introduction into the world of Japanese green tea.

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Kagoshima, Kyushu Island, Japan

How to brew

Genmaicha Yamabuki is suited to senchado and western styles of brewing. It can be brewed up to three times.


Tasting notes

Brazil nut, toasted nori, popcorn

Considered a commoners' tea in feudal times, Genmaicha has since become one of the most ubiquitous and beloved Japanese green tea blends. Genmaicha Yamabuki presents a heady aroma of fresh toast along with notes of Brazil nut and nori. When brewed it produces a bold, briskly-bodied liquor with a green-gold colour. The dried leaf is a handsome, proportioned blend of incredibly fine, thread-like leaf and beads of puffed rice that warms your heart.

We recommend the same tea leaves be re-brewed up to three times. Each infusion will reveal more, until all the taste is depleted.


Pair this tea with:

Washed rind cheeses, particularly hazelnut or oak

Smoked smallgoods, apricot crispbread, roast pork with crackling

Chargrill beef sirloin with caper and peppercorn jus

Deep-fried tofu, toasted peanut, pickled daikon and cress

Pistachio nougat with candied fruit, mango and almond bavarois

Dried fruit such as Turkish fig, Medjool dates, muscatel grapes