Genmaicha Yamabuki + Panama Milk 45%

Genmaicha Yamabuki + Panama Milk 45%


Genmaicha and chocolate set paired by our Certified Tea Master

Includes 1 × 50g rube of Genmaicha Yamabuki and 1 × 70g bar of Panama Milk 45%.

Genmaicha Yamabuki and Panama Milk 45% paired by our Certified Tea Master. The strong savoury, and toasted seaweed notes are matched toe-to-toe with the syrupy sweetness of the chocolate. Meanwhile, the toasted rice/popcorn notes are enhanced with the lovely condensed milk/caramel element of the milk contained in this chocolate. Sweet popcorn chocolate… this is a combination not to be missed.

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Genmaicha Yamabuki, also affectionately known as a “brown rice tea”, produces a golden liquor that is robust and inviting. This blend marries organic second-flush Kagoshima sencha tea leaves with toasted rice from Hokkaido in equal proportion.

Panama Milk 45% is a bean-to-bar chocolate produced by Ratio Cocoa Roasters, Brunswick, Melbourne. This bar showcases the perfect balance of Trinitario and Forestero varietals, which are box fermented then solar dried. The organic Panama beans are from Boscas del Toro, blended with Australian milk powder for a smooth milk chocolate taste. A traditional tasting chocolate bar with sweet molasses and caramel.

How to brew

Genmaicha Yamabuki is suited to senchado and western styles of brewing. It can be brewed up to three times.