Gyokuro Gokou + Solomon Islands Milk 58%

Gyokuro Gokou + Solomon Islands Milk 58%


Gyokuro and chocolate set paired by our Certified Tea Master.

Includes 1 × 50g of Gyokuro Gokou and 1 × 50g bar of Solomon Islands Milk 58%.

This pairing was selected by our Certified Tea Master. For best results, try preparing your Gyokuro as a cold-brew, or an extended warm water infusion. The unctuous mouthfeel of the tea liquor is pleasantly ‘cut’ by the intense sweetness of the chocolate. Meanwhile, the cocoa being smooth and fruity, complements the vegetal and umami notes without becoming overwhelmed by them.

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Gyokuro, also known as “Pearl Dew”, is categorically the highest grade of Japanese green tea.

This Gyokuro Gokou is truly a labour of love. It is unblended, cultivar specific and grown on a single field. As a result, the extraordinarily fine flavour carries the truest message of the leaf and the terroir of the Ookawa family estate, located in Uji Tawara, Kyoto.

Solomon Islands 58% milk is a bean-to-bar chocolate produced by Ratio Cocoa Roasters, Brunswick, Melbourne. It showcases a perfect balance of Amelonado and Trinitario varietals, box fermented for seven days then dried in a solar dryer. Solomon Islands beans + Australian milk powder. The Solomon Islands beans are blended with Australian milk powder, creating a smooth chocolate with hints of plum and cherry.

How to brew

Gyokuro Gokou is ideally suited to senchado, cold brew, and ice brew. It can be brewed up to four times with evolving flavour.