Hand-painted Shiboridashi

Hand-painted Shiboridashi


Shiboridashi is a traditional Japanese brewing vessel that is ideal for brewing higher grade green teas, such as gyokuro and kabuse sencha. Being palm-sized and handleless, it is effective in controlling the rate and angle of the pour of the tea liquor.

This hand-painted porcelain shibordashi depicts classic landscape scenes of Japanese forest and mountains in watercolour style on the lid and body, and bears the artist’s mark on the inside lid. We have strictly limited quantities available.

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The low temperature of water used for brewing in the shiboridashi means you won’t burn your hands using it. Truly the work of artisans, every shiboridashi is engineered precisely: the fine slits near the spout function as a strainer, retaining the leaves and ensuring optimal pour rate.

With its compact and minimalist design, the shiboridashi draws the attention of the imbiber to the delicate “bloom” of the needle-shaped green tea leaves following each infusion. Using the shiboridashi, a minimal amount of warm water and a large amount of leaf is used to create a concentrated tea liquor.Be sure to check out our brew guide to help you get the most out of your tea.

  • 180ml capacity

  • Japanese artisan teaware

  • Glazed ceramic construction in porcelain

  • Ideally suited to gyokuro and high grade sencha


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