Hojicha Gold

Hojicha Gold

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Single origin, spring flush, lower caffeine roasted green tea

Hojicha is a roasted green tea distinct for its full-bodied, roasted flavour. Most commonly, this tea is prepared from a mixture of stems, twigs and bancha leaves. This Hojicha Gold however is crafted exclusively from spring Sencha; an usually high grade for this style of tea that delivers even more character to the tea liquor.

The high grade leaf and prolonged roasting process achieve minimal broken leaf during processing, resulting in a bold, smooth tasting tea liquor that is nuanced and with virtually no astringency. It makes an excellent everyday drinking tea perfectly suited as a post-meal digestive or anytime indulgence.

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Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

How to brew

Hojicha is suited to kyusu, shiboridashi and western styles of brewing. It can be brewed up to two times.


Tasting notes

Toasty, wheat bran, blanched almond

The roasting process utilises either charcoal or a sand technic to achieve a tea with a buttery-smooth texture, and delicious toasty, wheaten notes. Each sip lingers with a lightly smoky finish and a hint of almond.

Since the roasting process eliminates much of the caffeine in the leaf, it is not only easy to drink and a cinch to prepare, but highly approachable as a post-meal digestive or nightcap, or for any occasion that calls for a hearty green tea.

We recommend the same tea leaves be re-brewed up to two times. Each infusion will reveal more of the tasting profile.


Pair this tea with:

Cacao rich (70% and above) chocolate

Rosewater baklava slice or pod vanilla-dredged Turkish delight

Grilled oily fish, such as salmon brushed in light miso

Box honey glazed and clove-studded leg of ham

Lightly seasoned macadamia, cashew or pistachio nuts

Rum-soaked fruit and French savarin with walnut creme