Kyusu Kit

Kyusu Kit

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The Kyusu Starter Kit includes one yokode kyusu and your choice of one Genmaicha Yamabuki, Hojicha Gold or Sencha Yamabuki 50g pouch.

Lauded for its versatility and elegance, the kyusu is truly a workhorse of brewing vessels, being easy to use and able to prepare any Japanese green tea, as well as many other kinds of tea. A great starting point for yourself to add to the collection, or a great gift to the tea lover in your life.

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The kyusu is a traditional Japanese teapot that is suitable for all kinds of Japanese tea, though it is most commonly associated with steamed-style green teas, such as sencha. As versatile as they come, the kyusu is actually suitable for brewing certain non-Japanese teas as well.

Elegant and easy-to-use, the most commonly found is the yokode version; it has a side handle attached to the teapot to make it easy to steadily pour and extract every last drop.

This kyusu features a fine meshed in-built strainer suitable for all kinds of Japanese green teas including the deeper steamed, slightly powdery types (fukumushi). The fluid capacity is perfect for two serves.

  • 150ml capacity (approx.)

  • Ideal for sencha, suitable for many teas

  • Lightly glazed ceramic

  • Fine mesh in-built strainer

  • Side handle design

  • Made in Japan

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