Kyusu & Yunomi

Kyusu & Yunomi


A set of handmade yunomi and kyusu — now all you need is tea.

Handmade by Frattempo Ceramics, the yunomi are paired to match. Finely thrown in stoneware as tapered cups, they are then finished in a light, off-white glaze showing a smooth gloss. Each cup holds approximately 90ml for a shot of delicious tea.

Lauded for its versatility and elegance, the kyusu is truly a workhorse of brewing vessels, being easy to use and able to prepare any Japanese green tea, as well as many other kinds of tea. A great starting point for yourself to add to the collection, or a great gift to the tea lover in your life.

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The kyusu is a traditional Japanese teapot that is suitable for all kinds of Japanese tea, though it is most commonly associated with steamed-style green teas, such as sencha. As versatile as they come, the kyusu is actually suitable for brewing certain non-Japanese teas as well.

Elegant and easy-to-use, the most commonly found is the yokode version; it has a side handle attached to the teapot to make it easy to steadily pour and extract every last drop.

This kyusu features a fine meshed in-built strainer suitable for all kinds of Japanese green teas including the deeper steamed, slightly powdery types (fukumushi). The fluid capacity is perfect for two serves.

  • 150ml capacity (approx.)

  • Ideal for sencha, suitable for many teas

  • Lightly glazed ceramic

  • Fine mesh in-built strainer

  • Side handle design

  • Made in Japan

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