Lady Rose

Lady Rose

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100% organic · Australian sencha and biodynamic fruit

One of our pioneer house blends, Lady Rose is a fresh and fragrant blend comprised of Australian-grown organic sencha green tea along with Australian biodynamic apple (with skins on for extra flavour), pink rose petal and a medley of select spices.

Inspired by an apple compote dessert, the marriage of fruit, floral and green tea flavours rewards you with an easy drinking experience that is warming and comforting, with just a hint of bite. Delicious served as a hot beverage, it is also an ideal iced tea poured over ice, and overall is nicely suited to savoury dishes such as cheese and crackers.

100% natural with no added sugar, colours or flavouring. Rich in Vitamin C and caffeine free.

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Tasting notes

Crisp apple, mixed spice, rose

Brewing instructions

Serving instructions: Steep 1 tsp per 200ml at 80°C for 2–3 minutes.


Organic sencha green tea, organic rose petals, organic and biodynamic apple pieces, organic peppercorns, organic clove, organic cinnamon.