Sencha Yabukita

Sencha Yabukita

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First harvest, single origin, organic green tea

Sencha Yabukita is an organic, first harvest green tea produced by Mr. Nishi in Makizono, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The production of this sencha takes a distinctive approach, because the tea bushes are shaded about 10 days prior to harvest, rather than being exposed to the sun for the whole year as is standard practice for sencha.

As a finished tea, the glossy, well-rolled leaves are beautifully slender and lightly fragrant of liquorice. The tea liquor is rich and mellow, with an even more pleasant savoury-sweet character compared to unshaded sencha. An excellent everyday drinking tea with a refreshing frankness in the taste.

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Sencha Yabukita is comprised of spring leaf harvested from the Kagoshima Prefecture, located on the furthest south-west island of Kyushu. The tea is processed in Uji, Kyoto as aracha and appears neatly sorted, finely polished and presents with few broken leaves. It is made from leaf of the venerable Yabukita cultivar.

How to brew

Sencha Yabukita is suited to senchado, western, cold brew, and ice brew. It can be brewed up to three times with evolving flavour.


Tasting notes

Fresh cut grass, vegetal, floral

The tea is distinguished by its mellow vegetal, fresh cut grass and floral notes. It displays a fine balance of moderate astringency and light umami, with a subtle sweetness that perfectly expresses the quintessence of Japanese sencha.

The same tea leaves can be re-brewed up to three times. Each infusion will reveal more of the tasting profile, until depleted of flavour.


Pair this tea with:

Mochi desserts, red bean paste, sesame snaps and preserved plum (ume)

Pickled spring vegetables, lightly poached poultry, roasted nori

Semi-hard boiled egg with wakame, fresh soy sauce and toasted sesame

Buckwheat noodles with soba dressing, sherry vinegar mayonnaise

Honey-glazed leg ham, barrel cheddar and seeded mustard on sourdough rye