Sencha Yabukita + Trinidad and Tobago Dark 66%

Sencha Yabukita + Trinidad and Tobago Dark 66%


Sencha and chocolate set paired by our Certified Tea Master

Includes 1 × 50g of Sencha Yabukita and 1 × 70g bar of Trinidad and Tobago Dark 66%.

Sencha Yabukita and Solomon Islands 58% paired by our Certified Tea Master. A lighter dark chocolate, it brings ample sweetness that enhances the fresh cut grass notes in Sencha Yabukita; the effect is an extra dewy-tasting tea, sip per sip. Meanwhile, the chocolate introduces dried fruit notes, and when warmed in the mouth, leaves a note of sticky dates that is hard to forget.

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Sencha Yabukita is an organic, first harvest green tea produced by Mr. Nishi in Makizono, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The production of this sencha takes a distinctive approach, because the tea bushes are shaded about 10 days prior to harvest, rather than being exposed to the sun for the whole year as is standard practice for sencha.

Trinidad and Tobago Dark 66% is a bean-to-bar chocolate produced by Ratio Cocoa Roasters, Brunswick, Melbourne. This chocolate showcases the Trinitario varietal, fermented in cascading boxes then mechanically dried. The Trinidad & Tobago beans are from Tabaquite, located in the centre of Trinidad. Look for flavours of figs, toast and raisins.