Shiboridashi Starter Kit

Shiboridashi Starter Kit

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The Shiboridashi Starter Kit includes one porcelain white shiboridashi, and your choice of one Gyokuro Gokou or Sencha Yamabuki 50g pouch. This beautiful brewing vessel is suited to the delicacy of high quality shaded Japanese green teas. Following our brewing guide for Senchado, a small amount of warm water and a comparatively large amount of leaf will bring you on a journey of unfurling leaf and unfolding flavour.

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Shiboridashi is a traditional Japanese brewing vessel produced from porcelain that is ideal for brewing high grade steamed grade green teas, such as our gyokuro and sencha. Truly the work of artisans, every shiboridashi is engineered precisely; the fine slits near the spout function as a strainer, retaining the leaves and ensuring optimal pour rate.

  • 120ml capacity

  • Japanese artisan teaware

  • Glazed ceramic construction

  • Suited for gyokuro, high grade sencha