Trinidad and Tobago Dark 66%

Trinidad and Tobago Dark 66%


66% dark chocolate with hints of fig, toast & raisins

A bean-to-bar chocolate by Ratio Cocoa Roasters, Brunswick, Melbourne. Selected by our Certified Tea Master to pair with certain teas from our range.

This chocolate showcases the Trinitario varietal, fermented in cascading boxes then mechanically dried. The Trinidad & Tobago beans are from Tabaquite, located in the centre of Trinidad. Look for flavours of figs, toast and raisins.

We recommend pairing with Sencha Yabukita or try our tea and chocolate set.

Certified Vegan. Made in Australia from local & imported ingredients.


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More information

Ratio Cocoa Roasters is a Bean-to-Bar chocolate store at 186 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne.

The cacao beans are sorted by hand then roasted in an antique ball roaster before being cracked and winnowed to remove the husk of the bean. The edible part of the cacao bean is now in small pieces and called cocoa nibs.

Ratio Cocoa Roasters vegan accredited dark chocolate range is a mixture of roasted cocoa nibs and organic raw cane sugar, while the milk chocolate range has just two additional ingredients – Australian whole milk powder and organic cocoa butter.

These dry ingredients are placed in stone grinders at the Brunswick store for a minimum of 72 hours, which results in a smooth liquid chocolate. The chocolate is then blocked and aged for a minimum of 3 weeks, before being tempered, poured into moulds and then hand wrapped.

Only a very small percentage of chocolate companies worldwide use these traditional methods, adding no preservatives or additives that could mask the true flavour of the cocoa beans.

About the artist

Owner and chocolate-maker Debbie Makin, originally a zoologist, has travelled the world – sampling chocolate from 50 countries on the way. Most recent travel has been to the Solomon Islands and Dominican Republic; witnessing first hand the cocoa trade, its effect on the local communities and how chocolate from each of the origins tasted. This passion for chocolate has resulted in the opening of a bean to bar chocolate company in one of the most hospitality focused cities in the world.