Kabuse Sencha

Kabuse Sencha


Single origin, high grade shaded green tea

Kabuse Sencha or “shaded tea”, is a high grade, shaded sencha green tea. This particular tea was produced in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan from a community-focused, boutique estate. This style of tea is produced by shading select tea bushes for up to two weeks prior to harvest, resulting in extraordinarily tender, verdant green leaves with enhanced flavour over regular sencha.

While shaded the tea bushes produce more savoury-like amino acids, concentrate their sugar content and produce fewer bitter tasting compounds. The mouthfeel is velvety-smooth and rounded, with a condensed umami flavour and lingering vegetal sweetness.

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Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Yabukita cultivar.

How to brew

Kabuse Sencha is suited to senchado, western, cold brew, and kooridashi/ice brew.


Tasting notes

Spinach/snowpea, marine, semi-sweet

Unlike sencha, which is usually exposed to the sun for the whole year, tea bushes intended for Kabuse Sencha, Gyokuro and Matcha are shaded to block up to 85% of direct sunlight. Tasting begins as vegetal and sweet, leading to umami-savoury and increasing astringency. It has a lovely rounded mouthfeel with delicious spinach and snowpea notes, and a hint of ocean spray. When brewed, the liquor delivers a jade-green infusion with intense iridescence; the hallmark of a quality leaf tea.

Pairing suggestion

  • Lightly seasoned steamed or barbecued fish with a knob of herbed butter
  • Oven roasted, seasoned brassicas with extra virgin olive oil
  • Jacket or scalloped potato with hickory smoked bacon, melted gouda
  • Fresh cow's milk cheeses such as brie and mozzarella
  • Chilled tropical fruit such as overripe mango, 'cognac' durian