Just like fine wine, coffee and cacao, specialty tea is a complex agricultural product, offering a kaleidoscopic diversity in flavour, aroma and appearance.

To become an effective tea professional requires a sincere investment into concepts such as growing regions and terroir, processing styles, brewing parameters and more. Whether this is familiar or completely new to you, we are here to help.


Sensory evaluation


Professional cupping — from leaf to liquor


Brewing styles —
modern and traditional


Food pairing, mixology and menu composition

Tea Sommelier Course (Australia and NZ)

Offered in conjunction with Australian Tea Masters

Do you want to talk tea to customers with ease?

The Tea Sommelier training program seeks to equip food and beverages professionals such as coffee baristas, cafe owners, beverage managers and wine sommeliers with the additional skills to work effectively as tea connoisseurs — providing advice, selection, preparation and service of specialty tea.

Learn to evaluate, pair and recommend confidently, and brew with precision and flair

The course involves a two day face-to-face workshop covering tea evaluation, brewing styles, food pairing, mixology and more. After the workshop, each student will also complete weekly online assignments, followed by a final examination.


  • Certificate of completion of Tea Sommelier course

  • Ongoing support from Australian Tea Masters and Endeavour Tea

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