We know that you want to be able to talk tea with confidence. Steep with style. Stock the kind of tea that starts conversation, and keeps customers coming back for more of their favourite brew.

In order to get there, you first need to make a sincere investment in specialty tea. Concepts like processing styles, growing regions, steeping parameters and tasting notes might sound intimidating now; but it won’t stay that way.

If this sounds right to you, we could be a good match.

Whether you’re starting a new hospitality venture, or simply looking to improve your current menu to attract more tea lovers, we can help. We are available for supply of product, staff training, tea menu consultation as well as tea appreciation and blending workshops.


Full-service training

Our Certified Tea Master and Tea Blender is available to help you and your staff develop a firm foundation in the world of tea, and can assist you and your staff in finding the confidence to select and service fine specialty teas, tea blends and tisanes.

With experience and qualification in the hospitality industry, we can also provide assistance in composing a tea menu, recommendations for tea accessories, suggestions tea and food pairing ideas and offer advice on the suitability of tea for your clientele.



Direct from origin

Our teas are imported in allotments distributed over the course of the year. With respect to seasonality and supply, smaller and more regular ordering cycles ensure that we maintain quality, freshness and the best price on goods.

As we continue to develop relationships with tea growing estates big and small, we are perpetually indexing new suppliers, meaning that we can supply even beyond our own catalogue.



White label and custom blending

We offer both teabag and bulk loose leaf, white-label supply of our range of teas and tea blends. These can be re-branded under your own name or brand; useful for your functions, events and all commercial requirements.

If you are looking for a more bespoke option, our Certified Tea Blender can provide custom blending, so that can help you to create an entirely new tea blend, or develop an exisiting concept or recipe.