Workshops and events

Keen to try your hand at your very own tea blend?

Or perhaps you’d like to hold a tea and food pairing event, or take a deep dive into the world of tea evaluation with an industry professional.

We offer general beginner to intermediate-level workshops, as well as knowledge workshops in specialty tea and cupping. Small group tea events are something we love to do.

Get in touch with us for more details.

Currently, we are available only in Sydney, Australia.


General workshops

No experience necessary, just bring enthusiasm. A great option for a hands-on, casual or semi-formal glimpse into the world of tea.

Tea foundations

An introduction into the world of tea for beginners. Learn about the mighty tea plant, Camellia sinensis and the six main types of tea it produces. Navigate the flavour wheel, discover tea growing regions, try tea tasting with fresh tea, and more.

Tea and chai blending workshop

Our most popular format. Attendees are offered a deep dive into the tips and tricks of the trade from an industry retailer.

Combining a practical and theory component, the workshop begins with a quick history of tea, suggested recipes, a brief lecture about the tea flavour wheel, as well as a rundown of the organic spices, herbs, botanicals and tea bases available for blending.


Specialty tea knowledge workshops

For a more in-depth workshop experience, discover the intricacies of tea produced from some of the world’s major producers.


Get up to speed on making matcha, experience the different kinds of popular Japanese green teas, learn about food pairing, traditional vessels and more.

India and Sri Lanka

Discover more about the treasured teas originating from the the Indian Subcontinent. Includes the famous producing regions of Assam, Darjeeling, the Nilgiris and beyond.


From a closed collection, sample a range of select teas and tea wares that convey the kaleidoscopic diversity of tastes and appearances from China, the birthplace of tea.

Tea extension

For the enthusiast tea lover. Take a deep dive into formal evaluation of the leaf, to help you build confidence in “thinking with your senses” with every sip. A cross-sectional study and hands-on programme of tasting, terroir and processing designed by our Certified Tea Master.